Thursday, 22 April 2010

Potatoes are in!

John had a week off last week and we spent to get some time at the allotment, these photos were taken mid week. We managed to dig a bed all the way along one side of the plot and planted quite alot of potatoes. We have also put in some onions and have sewn some spinach. It feels great to finally have something in the ground, I am now peering at the ground daily looking for green things sprouting (that aren't weeds).

The previous occupant had put in a couple of raised beds, but had dismantled and taken away. This has left a couple of patches, where she had bought in top soil, which I was able to clear these much more easily than the rest of the plot which is  heavy clay.

Amongst the weeds we discovered this very small rhubarb plant which we have moved to a better spot with a bit of compost and some chicken manure.

I was really excited one day when we arrived to find that a water tap had been installed right opposite our allotment (I know I am very very sad), up to now we have had to walk backward and forwards with our watering can to a tap by the entrance, the plot owner only installed 3 of these tanks on the whole plot so we are very lucky to have one so close. It has a water tank next to the tap which refills automatically after you have filled you watering can from it.

The communal compost bin was also emptied this week so we were able to add a few wheel barrows full to our soil which should help improve it a bit. I've never had to cope with clay soil before the other plot holders tell me that it will bake rock hard during the summer, if anyone out there has any tips on how to improve the soil, without spending a fortune on top soil, I really would appreciate hearing them.

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