Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year

The new year is always a time for making plans for me. I have been reflecting on the past year and making plans for this one. There isn't much going on in the garden, to be honest it looks a bit of a disaster area after loads of snow and now rain. It has a tendency to get very wet, a new bed that I had started to dig before the snow hit looks more like a pond at the moment! I am just shuffling out there to look after the chickens and coming straight back in.

I haven't been to the allotment since before christmas. I think we have decided not to continue with it when our year runs out in may. John now has access to free parking at another station and has been reluctant to leave his car parked at the allotment car park since it was broken into, even though this does add a little to his train fare. As the allotment is privately owned it is more expensive than council run ones, this was worth paying while we were using it for parking but is too much just for an allotment.

So I have started to dig up some of the lawn area and move some flower beds to make room in the garden for more veg, there are some drainage issues to contend with, I may have to create raised beds in some areas and dig in lots of sharp sand to try to combat that. We went over board on the potatoes last year, for the amount of work they involve and space they take up it is not worth growning more than a few earlies. Especially as I can buy a sack of local potatoes for the farm shop for about £7-8.

I have been a bit down on myself recently, as I felt that I hadn't been as successful in my endevors as I had hoped to be, but I have come to realise that I am on a learning curve and I'm not going to get it all right first time, I just need to learn from my mistakes and move on.

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