Friday, 8 January 2010

Bean Encilladas

The bean encilladas that we had for dinner last night were a hit, everyone liked them and that almost never happens. The beans were cooking almost all day, I used dried so they had to be soaked, then cooked, and then simmered in a chilli and tomato sauce that I had made. It sounds like alot of work but there was very little to actually do, they just simmered away in the bottom aga oven.

The flour tortillas were a different matter. I used a recipe from the River Cottage Family Cookbook, the dough had to be made and then rested, divided and shaped into balls and then rolled out. As you can see from the pictures they weren't very round.

The most time consuming bit was cooking them, they had to be cooked in a pan individually for about a minute on each side, and then kept on a plate under a tea towel until they were all ready to be filled.

I rolled them up with they beans inside and then poured over more sauce and then sprinkled cheese over the top. Unfortunately I didn't get any more pictures as by the time they came out of the oven everyone was starving.

We have all been at home again today because of the snow, according to the weather forecast it will probably get worse before it gets better. I've spent most of the day sorting out the pantry, and baking bread, cakes and an pie. This snow is not good for my waistline!

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