Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I hate snow!

I've so had enough of this snow! We had another snow fall last night and this morning, actually it's still snowing. It's not much about an inch, I thought that if I could get to the main road it would be fine. I had a phone call from my friend at work at around 7 saying it was probably not a good idea to drive in as the A21 hadn't been gritted and that she had skidded badly, despite driving really slow. I checked the web, the school is open so  Emma and I got in the car to drive her to school at about 7.50. She has to be there at 8.30 plenty of time I thought (it is a journey that usually takes about 10mins).
We crawled along at about 10mph, the roads were icy but I expected that, they are only small lanes.

We got to the main road fairly quickly considering, but it wasn't much diferent except there were more cars. The we stopped, I mean everyone not just me.

We sat like this for ages only edging forward a few yards every now and then, I suspect that that was only because of people turning around and going back. We were listening to the radio this whole time and reports were coming in of trains not runing and road problems. At 9am we decided to turn back, it was still snowing and I was worried that if I eventually got Emma to school I might not be able to pick her up this afternoon.

John is in Cardiff acording to the news the weather is worse there, I have spoken to him and he has managed to get on a train back to London. I hope that he will be able to get home tonight.

Note: I thought I should mention that Emma took all the photos in this post, I didn't drive along the icy roads with my camera perched on top of the steering wheel!

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