Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Store Cupboard

We spent the time while we were snowed in sorting some storage. When we moved in here 2 1/2 years ago we unpacked quickly and everything was shoved into which ever cupboards were handy. We have gradually begun to sort things out but still have a way to go. This cupboard in the hallway had a couple of coat hooks in it but was mainly full of unused assorted items.

I thought it would be better with shelves so that I could use it as an extra food storage cupboard for jars of homemade jam, chutneys and pickles, bags of flour, tins etc.  I have a small pantry in the kitchen but it is usually so full that it can be really hard to find anything. John used some offcuts of wood that we had in the garage and fitted the cupboard out with shelves.

Here it is finished I even managed to hang the (previously nomadic) ironing board on the back of the door. I  now have a home for all my jars as well as being able to keep a stock of flour, sugar, rice etc. I have realised the value of having a well stocked pantry over the last couple of weeks!

Went back to work today after the snow, they are forecasting more to come but it shouldn't be as bad, fingers crossed.

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